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One snowy night...

Bloody Rose, the Vampire Knight fanlisting, was launched on April 18, 2005. It is named after Zero's gun, a weapon that can only hurt vampires. I thought it was a fitting title for the site, as it combines both the dark and romantic elements of the story.

The theme of Version 3 is Silent Night, and it features Kaname, Yuki, Zero, and a few members of the Night Class. The images come from the covers of the tankoubans. It was created around Christmas 2007 - hence the holiday theme; unfortunately, I only launched the layout in May 2008 due to time constraints ^^; Anyway, the previous layouts always featured the three main characters, so this time around, I wanted the focus to be on the sexy vampires of the series :3 The highlight of the layout is Kaname's glowing red eyes, as that was how I always imagined his eyes to be ♪